What Is An Industrial Magnetic Stirrer
- Jul 12, 2018 -

Since biopharmaceuticals put forward higher requirements for the sterility and risk control of the agitator, industrial magnetic stirrers came into being in Sweden in the 1980s. Nowadays, magnetic stirrers have become the mainstream of the market, and are developing in the direction of simple design, safe material and easy cleaning.

The working principle of the desktop magnetic stirrer is to use the characteristics of the same nature of the magnetic material to repel the magnetic stir bar by continuously changing the polarity of the two ends of the base, which is suitable for small volume liquid stirring.

The working principle of the industrial magnetic stirrer is: two magnetic steels inside and outside, separated by an isolation sleeve. After the motor is driven, the magnetic coupling between the inner and outer magnetic steels is used for the purpose of transmission. The application of the magnetic pump can achieve complete leakage-free. And energy conversion is most efficient.

Stirring is an experimental science. The enlargement of the agitator is a complex problem related to the process. It can only be improved through the experience of production and the experience gained. At present, all custom types of industrial magnetic stirrers are based on standard model improvements, such as material customization, power customization, and blade shape customization.