Incubator Series-Water Proof Incubator
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Water proof incubator applies in culturing, breeding, fermenting and scientific research for animalcule and bacillus of modern medicine, biochemistry, agriculture, food and industrial mining enterprise etc. 


1. The case adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate and the electrostatic spraying treatment on the surface.

2. The working room adopts imported high quality stainless steel and with the advantages of uniform heating temperature and good heat preservation performance.

3. Overflow installation in the working room could avoid deformation of water jacket.

4. It adopts double sealing door. The glass of the inner door is reinforced glass and sealed by the sllcagel bar.

5. The outer door adopts magnetic rubber bar. Opening and closing it is very convenient. And its sealability is very good.

6. It adopts PID microcomputer control temperature with the characteristics of steady performance, over temperature alarm and automatic cutout.

Water proof incubator has four main models, power supply voltage, temperature control range, and temperature fluctuations are the same. With a minimum volume of 54L and a maximum of 252L, customers can choose according to their own needs.