The Type And Principle Of The Incubator
- Jan 28, 2018 -

(1) biochemical incubator

At present, the four most widely used types are biochemical incubator, carbon dioxide incubator, direct electrothermal incubator, and water heating incubator. Each type has its own characteristics and unique functions for different research and teaching fields. The application of the biochemical incubator is the most common, and the incubator is equipped with electric hot wire heating and compressor refrigeration at the same time. Can adapt to a wide range, throughout the year can be maintained at a constant temperature, thus increasing popularity of culture preservation and BOD water quality analysis and testing is widely used in bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, tissue cells, suitable for breeding test, plant cultivation, in the creation of universities such as environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, drug control, livestock, have a professional use of aquatic products.

(2) carbon dioxide incubator

Co2incubator is improved based on common culture, through the control of the surrounding conditions create a can make a better environment for cell / tissue growth conditions, the control results will form a stable condition such as constant pH (pH value: 7.2-7.4 (37), stable temperature DEG C) relative humidity, high level of CO2 (95%), stable (5%), which is why the research is so keen on easy to use stable carbon dioxide incubator. In addition, due to the increase of CO2 concentration control and the precise control of the incubator temperature by microcontrollers, the success rate and efficiency of biological cells and tissue culture have been improved. In a word, carbon dioxide incubator is a new type of incubator which can not be replaced by ordinary thermostatic incubator.

(3) electric heating and water isolation incubator

Shell electric and water jacket incubator usually paint made of asbestos or tin box, the inner water jacket for water storage medium copper leather sandwich, sandwich type electric incubator is made of glass or asbestos insulation materials such as cotton, in order to enhance the effect of heat preservation, the incubator located at the top of the thermometer is used. Temperature controller, automatic control, to keep the temperature constant. The water isolation incubator is heated by the electric heating tube, and the electric heating incubator is heated directly by electric heating wires, and the temperature of the box is uniform with the convection of air.

(4) light incubator

It is the light of high precision constant temperature equipment according to function; light incubator dedicated constant temperature cultivation and breeding test of bacteria, fungi, microbial cultivation device, particularly suitable for biological engineering, medical research, agriculture science, aquaculture, animal husbandry in the fields of scientific research and production of the ideal equipment.

(5) microbiological incubator

Mainly applicable to environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, livestock, aquatic products such as scientific research institutions, drug testing, experiment and production department. It is the special constant temperature and constant temperature oscillating equipment for the analysis of water body and BOD for the cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation and breeding experiments of bacteria, mould and microorganism.

(6) plant culture box

The plant incubator is actually a light and humidity incubator with light. The illumination, temperature, humidity and other conditions can meet the growth needs of plants. The plant incubator principle is a few sets of lamps and a set of temperature control devices (usually 5-50 degrees). If there is a light setting at the high point, such as a few points to turn off the light, when the light is stronger, and so on.

(7) artificial climate incubator

The closed isolation equipment, such as light, temperature, humidity, air pressure and gas composition, can be artificially controlled, which is called "artificial climate box".

(8) constant temperature and constant humidity incubator

Constant temperature box: it can accurately simulate the constant temperature and humidity of the complex nature of the environment, there is a box of precise temperature and humidity control system, generally used in the laboratory for plant cultivation, breeding test; bacteria, microbial cultivation, breeding, fermentation, used as microbial culture, temperature test, environment test, various material and denaturation test medium, serum, drug storage etc.. It can be widely applied to sterility test such as medicine, textile, food processing and so on, and is widely applied in the research and application fields of medical and health, biopharmaceutical, agricultural research, environmental protection and so on.