Water Distiller Series Of Laboratory Stainless Steel Distiller Water Device
- May 04, 2018 -

The pure distilled water is one of the most useful liquids in the hospitals, healthcare centers, research institutes and analytic laboratories. This still is specially designed for these places to prepare the distilled water and distilled water will be produced through this apparatus.



1. Made of high-quality stainless steel by stamping and welding.

2. Characterized by anti-corrosion, age-resistant, easy operation and stable function, and safety and durability.

3. With power, heating instructions and water display.

4. Adopts the working principle of the electrode to prevent electrode fouling due to long working hours, lack of water power can not function properly.


There are three models of the DZ series, namely DZ-5L, DZ-10L, and DZ-20L. This series of water distiller adopts high quality stainless steel material, which is affordable and has good product quality. If you are interested in this product, contact us.