Product Knowledge Of Multi Position Magnetic Stirrer
- Jun 20, 2018 -

The new type of multi position magnetic stirrer is a new product based on the original magnetic stirrer. It has high sensitivity, makes chemical experiment mixing a step forward to automation, and is also an ideal tool for supporting various analytical instruments to stir solutions.
Suitable for liquids or solid-liquid mixtures that are not very viscous. Using the principle of magnetic field and vortex, the liquid is put into the container, and the stirrer is put into the liquid at the same time. When the base generates a magnetic field, the stirrer is driven to rotate around to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid. According to the specific experimental requirements, the experimenter can help to set experimental conditions, which greatly improves the possibility of experimental dependability.

1.New multi position stirrer ultra-thin stainless steel shell, easy to clean;
2.Use the EMP element movement.
3.The speed limit is continuously adjustable and is not affected by load and voltage fluctuations.
There are several types of multi position magnetic stirrers, and the mixing methods are independent and synchronous. If you are interested in multi position magnetic stirrer, contact us.