Product Knowledge Of Manpower Incubator
- Jun 05, 2018 -

Manpower climate incubator can be widely used as specialized constant temperature and constant humidity illumination equipment in the lab of the science re-search institute such as sanitation epidemic prevention,environmental protection, farming,forestry and pasturage, the lab of the junior college.It can simulate climate situation in the different environment.

Main Features:

1、It has the following controlling functions such as temperature, time, illumination degree adjusting controlling, touch key setting adjusting.

2、The function of shift automatically between day and night can be achieved through the function of timing wave band program temperature controlling, humidity controlling and light controlling.(2 sections controlling program)

3、Programmable luminescence controlling system is available, subsection controlling can be achieved.(five sections luminescence controlling)

4、Humidity sensor adopts components and parts, humidifying system adopts brainpower atomization device in order to supplement humidity largely.

5、The number of the shelves and the height between the she4lves can be set according to the customer’s demands.

6、Use of environmentally friendly Freon - free refrigeration cooling airflow. 

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