Product Knowledge Of Laboratory Crucible Muffle Furnace
- Jul 23, 2018 -

SX/SRJX/SK/XL/SX2 Series lab crucible muffle furnace it is periodical heating treatment. It used in element determination and heating in heat treatment of small steel , such as hardening  , annealing and tempering of laboratories , industrial mining enterprise , scientific research unit and colleges . The high temperature furnace could be used in high temperature heating of metal , sintering , dissolution and analysis of ceramic.

Main Features

1.The case adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate with the plastic spraying on the surface . The door adopts side door structure , which easy to open and shut . 
2.The medium-temperature box furnace adopts closed hearth , the spiral electric heating alloy wire as the heating component coiled in hearth , the temperature of furnace is uniform when it radiating . the us life is prolonged .

3.High temperature tube resistance furnace adopts high temperature combustion and takes silicon carbide rod as heating component to set up in outer sheath of hearth .

4.high temperature box resistance furnace takes silicon carbide rod as heating component and set up in hearth directly . It has high use rate .

5.The thermal insulation material of this kind of furnace adopts light foam insulating brick and alumina silica cellucotton . The accumulation of heat and heat conductivity factor are decreased so heat accumulation of hearth will be more . The temperature rising time is shorten . The temperature of surface is rising very slowly . Wastage rate of empty furnace is small and power consumption is lowest .

6.The controller is divided into : a pointer type , intelligent , microcomputer-base multi-band temperature control .

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