Product Knowledge Of Heated Water Bath
- May 25, 2018 -

Heated water bath is widely used for laboratory distilling, drying, concentrating,heating and soaking chemicals or biological products, can also be used for heating and other constant temperature test.


1.The working room and top cover made of imported stainless steel plate. It has many advantages, such as reasonable structure design, strong corrosion resistant, beautiful shape, easy operation and long useful life etc.

2.Optional Analogue temperature control, microcomputer temperature control with temperature control and high precision, stable performance, easy operation and convenience.

3.Microprocessor control with timing function.

4.Intelligent temperature control instrument with high brightness digital display, light-touch type key has the advantages of simple operation and high precision  temperature control.

We offer 1-hole in 1 row,2-hoes in 1 row,4-holes in 1 row,6-holes in 1 row,4-holes in 2 rows,6-holes in 2 rows,8-holes in 2 rows total of seven specifications of the product.If you want to learn more product information, welcome to visit our website!