Product Knowledge Of Heat Collection Type Magnetic Heating Stirrer
- May 23, 2018 -

The heat collection type magnetic heating stirrer adopts the heat-collecting heating method, and the heated container is completely in strong heat radiation, and the heating speed is three times that of other flat-surface heated magnetic stirrers. The temperature is even and the efficiency is high. It is more suitable for the heating reaction of the spherical flask. The collector-type magnetic heating stirrer is widely used in colleges and universities, environmental protection units. This instrument is good performance, no noise, no vibration, rapid heating, is an ideal choice for experimenters.


1. The intelligent heat-collecting magnetic heating stirrer adopts DC brushless motor, low noise, stable speed regulation and long service life, especially solves the problem that the general stirrer cannot be heated continuously for a long time.
2. Stainless steel liner corrosion, easy to clean.
3. Porcelain mixer made of PTFE and high-quality magnetic steel, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, strong rotation, and can be mixed in a closed container.
4. The instrument has also added an automatic thermostat to take chemical experiments to the next level.

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