Product Knowledge Of Flask Lab Electric Heating Mantle
- May 29, 2018 -

Flask Lab Electric Heating Mantle is used in heating liquid in laboratories of the fields of colleges and universities, petroleum and chemical industry, medicine, environmental protection etc. 


1.It is the internally heater in hemisphere shape. It adopts high-temperature resistant alkali-free glass fibre to be the insulating material and seal up the nichrome resistive conductor within the insulating layer and braid it.
2.The case adopts the high quality cold-rolled plate and the electrostatic plastic spraying treatment on the surface.
3.It has advantages of big heating area, speed hyperthermic, uniform temperature, good heat preservation results and no open fire.
4.Corrosion-resisting, ageing-resistant, durable and solid, safety and reliable.


Heating mantle is a star product of our company, it has a variety of models and its process is relatively mature.Flask lab electric heating mantle has a series of models. So if you are interested in this product, log on our website to see more information.