Product Knowledge Of Electric Laboratory Mixer
- Jul 20, 2018 -

JJ-2/2A cantilever constant speed powerful electric laboratory mixer is driven by a compact micro motor and is suitable for mixing and mixing low, medium and high viscosity liquids.

Main Features

The cantilever type constant speed powerful electric mixer has a compact structure and is composed of a drive motor, a frictional speed changer and a speed controller. The main body of the cantilever type constant speed powerful electric mixer adopts high-density die-casting aluminum alloy as the body, and the running state is stable. The speed and torque of the output end are basically kept constant. The speed of the two speeds increases the torque multiply. The speed controller uses the IC speed to detect the full constant speed speed control technology, which can effectively compensate the load change and the voltage fluctuation caused by the power supply voltage. Changes, the digital screen visually shows the stirring speed, which guarantees data collection. The utility model has the advantages of large output power, high torque and simple experiment.

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