Product Knowledge Of Dry Bath Incubator
- Jun 01, 2018 -

ET-60 dry bath incubator uses a multi-purpose dry bath incubator formed by a combination of micro-processing technology and PID control. It is suitable for incubating the carrier solution at the set temperature, such as ELISA plates, cell culture plates, blood type reagent cards, beakers, and culture dishes.


1. The appearance is simple and generous, transparent cover, the experimental process at a glance, LED liquid crystal display temperature and time.
2. Incubation space Microplates, reagent cartridges, beakers, culture dishes, etc. can be placed for heating and constant temperature incubation.
3. The microprocessor controls the temperature and time, the micro-control linearity is good, and the fluctuation is small.
4. Use safety, reliable performance, automatic and timely alarm.
5. Microplate racks and standardized blood type cartridges can be placed in the instrument. Multiple cards can be incubated at the same time to increase work efficiency.

Dry bath incubator only has one model, ET-60. If you are interested in this product, log on our website to read more information.