Product Knowledge Of Biochemical Incubator
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Biochemical Incubator is suitable for environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, agricultural livestock, drug testing, aquatic products and other scientific research, laboratories and production departments of tertiary institutions. It is a special constant temperature equipment for water analysis and BOD measurement of bacteria, molds, and microorganisms for cultivation, preservation, plant cultivation, and breeding experiments.

Main Features

1. Using LED display, accurate and intuitive, superior performance.
2. Users can adjust the height and number of shelves in the working room according to their own needs. 
3. Use environmentally friendly fluorine-free refrigerants.

Optional Accessories

LCD Display,Program Instrument,Independent Alarm,Printer,Computer Interface.

We offer SHP-80/150/250/350/450/600/800/1000 for optional.If you want to learn more product information, welcome to visit our website!