Product Knowledge Of Benchtop Resistance Furnace
- Jul 09, 2018 -

Benchtop Resistance Furnace is the periodical heating treatment. It used in element determination and heating in heat treatment of small steel, such as hardening, annealing and tempering of laboratories, industrial mining enterprise, scientific research unit and colleges. The high temperature furnace could be used in high temperature heating of metal, sintering, dissolution and analysis of ceramic.

Main Features:

1. The case adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate with the plastic spraying on the surface. The door adopts side door structure, which easy to open and shut.

2. The medium-temperature box furnace adopts closed hearth, the spiral electric heating alloy wire as the heating component coiled in hearth, the temperature of furnace is uniform when it radiating. The use life is prolonged.

3. High temperature tube resistance furnace adopts high temperature combustion and takes silicon carbide rod as heating component to set up in outer sheath of hearth.

4. High temperature box resistance furnace takes silicon carbide rod as heating component and set up in hearth directly. It has high use rate.

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