Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In Operation And Use Of Clean Bench
- Jan 28, 2018 -

The ultra clean worktable is a kind of more precise electrical equipment. It is very important to maintain and maintain it regularly.

First, keep the indoor dry and clean. Wet air will not only corrode the manufacturing material, but also affect the normal operation of the electric circuit. The moist air is also beneficial for the growth of bacteria and mold. The clean environment can also prolong the service life of the filter plate.

In addition, regular cleaning of the equipment is an important part of normal use.  Cleaning should include routine cleaning and regular fumigation before and after use. When fumigating, all gaps should be fully sealed. Cleaning should include routine cleaning and regular fumigation before and after use. When fumigating, all the cracks should be completely sealed, such as the operation mouth with movable baffle seal type super clean worktable, can be sealed with plastic film.

The filter plate of the super clean table and the ultraviolet bactericidal lamp have the calibrated service life, which should be changed on time.

Super net workbench operation program

1. pre operation preparatory work for super clean worktable

(1) open the super clean working typhoon machine and purify the environment.  Turn on the working light to reach the work illuminance.

(2) check all kinds of sterilization and experiment items prepared in the super clean table. If you need to change the cage box. Check the preparation of the sterilization cage box and move it to the edge of the ultra clean table with a stainless steel cart.

(3) whether the spray effect of the sprayer and the liquid medicine used in the super net inside and outside the table have been configured well.

(4) open the air exhausting system in the room. A smell of gas escapes when the cage box is opened.

(5) check the head pointer of the IVC unit and see the animal situation in the cage box, and estimate the running situation of the IVC.

(6) record the main environmental parameters that affect the reproduction, growth and development of experimental animals, such as temperature, relative humidity, diurnal temperature difference, and pressure difference between inside and outside of the cage.

2. procedures and specifications for operation and use of super net worktable

(1) people with disposable masks, hats and medical latex gloves.

(2) IVC lift cage with both hands gently along the outer end of the cage shelf outward out box, put in the clean bench beside the stainless steel cart.

(3) the spray of liquid medicine fully sprays the outer surface of both hands and the outside of the IVC cage box, sterilizing and sterilizing and sticking the dust on the surface, and prevents the laminar gas from blowing up when entering the super clean platform. You can also use the hands of gloves into the medicine container, remove and dry the liquid towel, dry the glove outside, and wipe the exterior of the cage box at the same time.

(4) open the clean bench door, put the cage into the clean bench.

(5) appropriate to pull down the clean bench door. Open the cage lid fastening between IVC bottom button and open the cover. Lay side on side.

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