Water Bath Series-Portable Water Bath
- Apr 24, 2018 -

This equipment applies to medical unit, college, scientific research institution and the department of chemical printing, dyeing, pharmacy, petroleum and electronic component production for the use of evaporation, are faction, concentration and constant temperature heating.


1.Using innovative design structure, effectively prevent steam leakage.

2.Intelligent temperature control instrument with high brightness digital display, light-touch type key has the advantages of simple operation and high precision temperature control.

3.Shell, interior and cover of the product are all made of transparent engineering plastics, can clearly see the object to be heated. 

There are eight types of portable water baths. Each model has the same temperature control range, the same voltage, and the same degree of fluctuation. In addition, there is a difference between each of their volume, power, and studio size. I believe this product can meet your different needs. If you are interested in it, contact us.