Incubator Series-Portable Incubator
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Portable incubator is used in industrial and mining establishments, medical and sanitary field, biochemistry and agriculture science field for the laboratory culture of bacterial culture, breeding and ferment.



1. It is small, light and portable with the handle on the upper cover.

2. The work room is made of high quality stainless steel plate with the treatment of corrosion proof to guarantee the durable use.

3. It is easy to open and close and has good tightness with silicon magnetic strip.

4. Control a method: PID control’s method effectively repress temperature to lead blunt, and can control the temperature accurately.

5. Electrical appliance control: advanced non-contact circuit is used with the character of low noise and high reliability, and there is high alarm and power fail circuit.


The portable incubator only has two models BX-200 and CZ-200. The main parameters of these two models are the same, the difference between the two is not great.