Polymaker Developed A Wire Drying Oven
- Aug 08, 2018 -

Polymaker, a manufacturer of 3D printed wire, is known for its wide range of high quality wire rods, and the company is now producing related hardware products.

They developed the PolySher / PolySmooth system, a powerful combination of hardware materials to ensure smooth printing, involving a special wire and an inexpensive smoothing hardware device.

Recently, the company has developed another hardware device to use with some of their new wires. This new "drying oven" is a device that absorbs moisture from the 3D printed wire coil. Because some plastics tend to absorb moisture, this moisture can damage 3D prints. By evaporation from the hot end, moisture can create bubbles and spots on the original clean print.

Some plastics here refer to nylon, and Polymaker just released a new nylon material. The new drying oven is not expensive, between $40 and $50, and can also be digitally monitored for temperature and humidity. It is basically a passive box because the dehumidification process is done with a replaceable on-board desiccant.