Open Sharing Of Scientific Experimental Instruments
- Aug 10, 2018 -

The scientific experimental instrument sharing platform is one of the important contents of the construction of China's science and technology basic conditions platform. After several years of development, it has achieved good construction results.

1. With the support of relevant national policies, the localization of resources has been initially completed through research and development. Formed a complete range of services, diverse services, simple and convenient instrument clusters, in line with the principle of "resource sharing, improve utilization, optimize allocation, make the best use of resources, strengthen management, and maximize benefits", gradually introduce market mechanisms to make it A virtuous circle and healthy development have played an important role in China's economic development and technological progress and innovation.

2. Build a national open shared service center. The National Large-scale Scientific Instrument Center is one of the 23 national-level platforms jointly approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Finance in 2011. It has jointly established 14 large-scale national enterprises through cross-regional, inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental approaches. Scientific Instrument Center, including Beijing Mass Spectrometry Center, Shanghai Mass Spectrometry Center, Guangzhou Mass Spectrometry Center, Beijing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center, etc. Guided by the country's major strategic needs and major scientific and technological goals, the center provides comprehensive services for scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises, and plays an important role in national economic progress and technological development.

3. Open sharing work has achieved initial results. The domestic platform construction has formed a “multi-level shared network”, which is distributed from the national, regional (such as Northeast, Central, Southwest and Northwest), provincial and municipal levels to universities and research institutes. It has played an important role in economic and technological development throughout the country.