One Type Of Muffle Furnace Precautions In Use
- Jan 28, 2018 -

One type of muffle furnace temperatures are above 1000 degrees, the use of temperature is higher, please get the goods in accordance with the instructions to use, must comply with the following safety precautions

1. integrated muffle furnace must be effectively grounded.

2. must use power and integrated muffle furnace requirements consistent.

3. the power connection of the product is not allowed at random or cut short.

4. non combustible, explosive, volatile and corrosive substances are not allowed to be dried and baked.

The door at the top of the 5. is not allowed to touch the integrated high temperature muffle furnace working time box, so as not to burn.

6. no hand or object can be inserted into the furnace at random when the temperature is not completely cooled.

7. integrated muffle furnace failure, please professional maintenance.