Mixer - Multitube Vortex Mixer
- May 11, 2018 -

The DMT-2500 multitube vortex mixer can handle 50 samples at a time. Optional accessories, to meet the needs of different specifications of the test tube vortex mixing. Humanized program design, built-in jog and timing modes of operation, make the experiment more convenient and efficient.



1. Up to 50 test samples can be processed at a time, making the experiment efficient and quick.
2. The operation panel is simple, the microprocessor is precisely controlled, and the LED displays speed and time.
3. Humanized program design, built-in jog and timing two operating modes, quiet and stable without noise.
4. Random standard 12mm foam test tube rack, tray mat. Various models of foam tube racks are available.


Multitube vortex mixer has only one model of DMT-2500. But it has a variety of accessory models. The timing range is between 1s-9999min. And this model is the latest product, the function is certainly the most advanced. So if you are interested in this product, contact us.