Mixer - Lab Rotary Mixer
- May 10, 2018 -

The YC-80 lab rotary mixer was used for tissue culture, extraction, and determination of sedimentation rate (including chemical determination of various blood samples). Such as: blood sample mixing, radioimmunoassay, glucose, protein, DNA, cells, urine, enzymes and other wet chemical analysis, in biochemistry, biology, cells, immune, chemical, animal and plant analysis, clinical trials and many other aspects have been widely used. Its main feature is that it can mix continuously for a long time at a uniform speed, it is easy to operate, and the tilt of the turntable can be arbitrarily adjusted. It can also be placed in an incubator as needed.



1. Man-machine friendly touch interface, LED timing and speed display.
2. A variety of centrifuge tube fixtures available for 1.5-50ml micro pipes.
3. Adjustable mixing angle: 0-90 degrees.
4. Brushless DC motor drive, accurate speed, long life, maintenance-free.
5. It is equipped with a timer function. The training time is arbitrarily set in the range of 0-9999 minutes. The display shows the remaining time, and the timing end sends an audible alarm signal.


Lab rotary mixer has two models product. Most of the parameters between the two are inconsistent. There are three standard configurations.If you are interested in this product,contact us.