Maintenance Method Of Water Bath
- Jan 28, 2018 -

The correct maintenance of the water bath pot, if the following the following, will greatly extend the life of the water bath pot.

1. There should be no water in the surface of the water bath equipment, and the surface of the equipment should be bright and tidy without stains.

2. After each use of the water bath equipment, the water in the water bath pot is put out, the brush will be brushed off gently in the water bath pot, and clear to the pot. With soft cloth to wipe the surface of the water bath inside and outside, with a clean cloth.

3. Every time the water bath is used, the instrument is cleaned immediately.

4. The water bath is not water - free or the water level is lower than the electric heating tube, in order to prevent the explosion damage of the electric heating pipe.

5. When the water bath pot is used, it must be reliably grounded, and the water can not be spilled into the control box.

6, carry out the maintenance check of the water bath instrument once a month, and fill in the maintenance records in time