Water Distiller Series Promotion - Mar. 2018 - Hot Sale Month
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Water distiller can apply in making distilled water in laboratories of medical and health industry, chemical industry and scientific research units.

The series of Water distiller can be divided into stainless steel water distiller, mini water distiller and air-cooled water distiller. See the company's official website for details.

Stainless steel water distiller adopts high quality stainless steel and manufactured in advanced technology, has functions of water-deficient and power-off alarm and automatic make up water and heat again. With power, heating instructions and water display. It adopts the working principle without electrode to prevent electrode fouling due to long working hours, lack of water power can not function properly.

Mini water distiller has small size, can be placed on desktop. Water and electricity shortages, caused by dry heating pipes can be placed damage. Use of cold technology, without cooling water, effective conservation of water resource.

Air-cooled water distiller has air-cooled split structure. Large screen LCD displays working status. Automatic stop when water scarcity. Repeat the preparation of distilled water, can produce distilled water. Easy operation and reliable performance.