Water Distiller Series Of Laboratory Stainless Steel Water Distiller
- May 02, 2018 -

This series of distilled water device have tap water as source to produce pure water by electrical heating distilling. It is applied in health and medicine units, chemical industries, scientific research institutions and labs etc.



1. It adopts high quality stainless steel and manufactured in advanced technology.

2. It has functions of water-deficient and power-off alarm and automatic make up water and heat again.

3. With power, heating instructions and water display.

4. Adopts the working principle of the electrode to prevent electrode fouling due to long working hours, lack of water power can not function properly.

5. Coiled stainless steel tube condenser with good heating exchange and large water output.

6. Water leveler design, which cuts off power supply and raises alarm automatically when water level is low, and continues to reheating after water replenishment.


There are three models of this product. DZ series has power and water shortage display. If you are interested in this product, you can contact us.