Laboratory Room Rules
- Aug 24, 2018 -

1. The staff should stick to their jobs, pay attention to fire prevention, theft prevention, and anti-virus. Check and check the instruments and drugs regularly to ensure that the accounts match.

2. Test equipment should not be borrowed privately. Special needs must be approved by the leader and returned on time. If there is damage, compensation will be made according to the price.

3. The laboratory equipment and medicines should be used for the borrowing procedures and should be returned immediately after use.

4. The grouping experiment should be one week in advance, and the demonstration experiment should be prepared one day in advance to ensure that the experiment is carried out on time.

5. It is strictly forbidden for people to enter the laboratory.

6. Strictly implement the system of storage and use of dangerous drugs and valuable instruments.

7. It is strictly forbidden to smoke and eat in the laboratory.

8. Flammable and explosive waste liquid should be poured into the designated container and processed centrally.

9. Take care of public property and equipment, and pay attention to saving medicines.