Drying Oven Series-Laboratory Hot Air Oven
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Widely used in mining industry, laboratory, scientific research institute, etc for drying, baking and wax-melting, sterilization, etc.



1. The oven inner use mirror stainless steel material, shelf bracket could be loading and unloading freely, semicircle four corners design make cleaning more convenient.

2. The oven is made of high quality cold-roll steel sheet, and surface electrostatic plastic spraying.

3. Independent temperature limitation alarm system, it will be automatically interrupted if over the limit temperature, so as to guarantee the safe of experiment and operation without any accident. (Optional)

4. With interface which could connect the recorder and computer, so could record the change situation of temperature parameters. (Optional)


Laboratory hot air oven is also available in several models, with a minimum volume of 30L and a maximum volume of 625L. Some basic parameters are the same between different models, but there are many different places. If you are interested in this product, log in our website for the related information.