Knowledge Of Vacuum Filter Assemblies
- Aug 20, 2018 -

This product is designed and manufactured for simultaneous filtration of multiple samples. At present, when the laboratory filters the solution, a glass sand core filter device is generally used. This method can only filter one sample at a time, and the filtration speed is slow, the efficiency is low, and the labor intensity is large. Multi-filters are more convenient for users who need to filter multiple samples at the same time. Since each of its filter clamps has a separate control valve, only one vacuum pump is required to support single or multiple simultaneous operations.

In addition to the glass filter cup type, there is also a full 316L sanitary grade stainless steel type for optional. The all-stainless steel filter bracket can be filtered at a high temperature of 180°C. The aluminum alloy clip is designed to be reasonably tight, and the filter bowl and the intermediate filter head can be easily combined to ensure strict sealing without leakage. 316L Stainless steel is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion and easy to be autoclaved, making the analysis more stable and reliable.

Main Features

Each filter holder is equipped with an independent control valve for flexible use, convenient disinfection and high efficiency. Three or six samples can be tested simultaneously with high sensitivity, false positive rate and simple operation.

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