Knowledge Of Laboratory Hot Air Oven
- Aug 17, 2018 -

The high-temperature drying box adopts the national new energy-saving and environment-friendly heating technology. When it is absorbed by the heated object, it can be directly converted into heat energy, thereby obtaining a quick drying effect, achieving the purpose of shortening the production cycle, saving energy, and improving product quality. Easy to use and effective. The maximum operating temperature is 500 °C. Widely used in industrial, laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, research units.

Main Features

1. LCD micro-computer intelligent PID temperature controller with multiple sets of data display, menu-based operation interface, easy to use, precise temperature control and small fluctuations.

2. With temperature correction, over temperature alarm, timing settings, call recovery, parameter memory and other functions.

3. The air circulation system is used to automatically discharge the water vapor inside the cabinet. The fan is composed of a multi-blade centrifugal fan and a circulating air duct. The heat source supplies air to the working chamber through the air passage, and is circulated through the working chamber and then sucked through another air passage to form a circulating hot air, thereby making the temperature in the working chamber uniform.

4. The outer casing is made of cold-rolled steel plate with advanced surface spraying technology. The inner tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, with four corners and a half arc design, and the spacing of the shelves in the box is adjustable.

5. The use of thick glass fiber insulation material, good insulation effect. The design between the studio and the outer box is reasonable, and the double-layer seal design reduces the heat source loss.

6. The sealed silicone strip is resistant to high temperature, anti-aging and long service life, which can ensure long-term high temperature and high efficiency operation of the equipment.

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