Beijing Zhongxing Weiye's Innovations
- Jul 13, 2018 -

Beijing Zhongxing Weiye is a technology enterprise dedicated to the development and production of scientific experimental instruments. During the eight years from 2000 to 2018, Zhongxing Weiye and more than 20 colleges and scientific research institutions across the country reached a cooperation to jointly establish a research and development laboratory, and carried out research and development on new experimental instruments based on the existing technology.

Recently, Zhongxing Weiye's ceramic heating plate has been driven by advanced thermal technology, no mechanical heating components, no electromagnetic interference and harm, and the microcrystalline ceramic panel and the precision aluminum alloy casing are perfectly integrated.

As a kind of purified carbon crystal particle heating product, ceramic heating plate has greatly improved and improved than ordinary heating products in terms of heat uniformity, fire resistance, safety, electrothermal conversion efficiency and infrared radiance. The carbon crystal low-temperature radiation system makes full use of the excellent planar heating characteristics of the carbon crystal electric heating plate. When heating, the whole plane is simultaneously heated, continuous heating, and the heat balance effect is good.

At this stage, Zhongxing Weiye has spent a lot of time in product research and development. The person in charge of product development department said that the current stage of work should not only continue to develop new materials in the field of experimental instruments, but also require technicians to participate in technical seminars and universities. Institutes, academic experts to explore, through technical exchanges and communication with experts in various fields, accumulate experience, and constantly innovate to develop more high-quality and efficient products.