Incubator Series Products Attract Attention
- May 30, 2018 -

Recently, the number of inquiries for Incubator Series has increased rapidly. The customer made detailed consultations on the use, technical parameters, features, and prices of the product. We offer Portable Incubator/Constant Temperature And Humidity Incubator/General Purpose Incubator/Lab Incubator/Biochemical Incubator etc. Total eight types of incubators. Now I will mainly introduce the advantages of laboratory incubators.

1.The pull internal shelf could regulate the height freely and make full use of space of working room.

2.Silicon rubber magnetic sealing slice with good sealing performance and easy open and close.

3.Electric control: the use of advanced non-contact circuits, with no noise, high reliability characteristics. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control instrument, a temperature control accuracy, stability, good performance, limit alarm, automatic power off time advantages.

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