How To Choose The Appropriate Resistance Furnace Muffle Furnace
- Jan 28, 2018 -

It can be selected according to the material of the furnace.

1. the traditional furnace is the brick structure, the furnace is a relatively good fire resistance, and the price is relatively suitable.

2., ceramic fiber furnace structure, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber furnace is the upgrading and upgrading of traditional furnace. It has the characteristics of light weight, fast speed, energy saving and time saving. It can meet all kinds of requirements for fast sintering. And can be configured with 30 stages of temperature control device, is a relatively high price performance choice.

It can be selected according to the furnace temperature.

The suitable resistance furnace is selected according to the user's use temperature, but it is necessary to distinguish the difference between the design temperature and the use temperature. For example, the user use temperature is 1000 DEG C, then you can choose the design temperature of resistance furnace is 1200 DEG C, because although there is resistance furnace design temperature of 1000 DEG C, but its use is not the temperature reached 1000 degrees, so if the resistance furnace selection of 1000 DEG C it can not meet the use requirements, and will reduce the resistance furnace service life greatly.

Can be selected according to the furnace size

This is easier to choose, because it is the best size to choose the size of an object that can be quenched.

It can be chosen according to the structure of the body

1. one type box type resistance furnace. This kind of resistance furnace is designed to integrate the temperature control instrument and the furnace body, which is convenient for the user to install and operate.

A 2. split type resistance furnace. Split type resistance furnace, as the name implies, is separated from the furnace body temperature control instrument, temperature control instrument need to be installed on the top of the furnace body can be installed and used in the next step, but its price relative to one type of resistance is a lot cheaper, is a selection of the most advantage of the price.

Of course, the user selection of the resistance furnace should be considered in addition to the key points.