Hot Plate Series Products Attract Attention
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Recently, the number of inquiries for Hot Plate Series has increased rapidly. The customer made detailed consultations on the use, technical parameters, features, and prices of the product. We offer Graphite Electric Hot Plate/Stainless Steel Hot Plate/Aluminum Hot Plate/Ceramic Hot Plate total four types of hot plate. Now I will mainly introduce the advantages of Stainless Steel Hot Plate.

Hot Plate mainly used drying articles in chemical analysis,physical determination , heat treatment and other temperature experiments.

Stainless Steel Hot Plate the case adopts high quality stamping cold-rolled steel plate and the spraying treatment on the surface.The heating plate adopts stainless steel plate and casting steel material with corrosion resistant on the surface.Full closed heating plate with functions of no open fire,speed temperature raising and safe.ML Type adopts electric temperature Control device,which could regulate temperature freely.

In addition to providing excellent products we also provide excellent service.If you are interested in our products,you can visit our website or contact us.Welcome overseas customers negotiate and purchase!

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