Heating Magnetic Stirrer Operation And Note
- Aug 09, 2018 -

The heating magnetic stirrer is heated by driving the stirrer by electromagnetic effect for stirring and electromagnetic heat effect. What is the operation method? What are the precautions? Here's a brief introduction:

Operation method:

1. Place the magnetic stir bar into a beaker containing the solution.

2. Place the beaker on the hot plate and insert the sensing element.

3. Turn on the power, adjust the heating speed, and turn on the stirring.

4. When stirring, the speed control knob should be adjusted slowly. If the adjustment is too fast, the stirring rotor will be separated from the magnetic force of the magnetic steel and will continue to jump. The knob should be quickly moved to the stop position. After the stirrer is at rest, slowly increase the speed and stir, and gradually increase the speed. Liquids with higher viscosity at room temperature have poor thermal conductivity. When heating and stirring, it is not suitable to heat up quickly to avoid container rupture. The thermostat should be fully utilized to gradually grade the temperature and the sensing element must be inserted into the external water jacket.

5. If you want to measure the temperature inside the container, you can slowly turn the thermostat knob to lower the temperature indication red mark. When the red light is on, the red mark indicates the temperature is the temperature inside the container.


1. The magnetic heating stirrer must be grounded reliably to ensure equipment and personal safety.

2. If the surface of the heating plate is covered with liquid, corroding the disk surface or generating heat, affecting the heating element and the motor, the power should be turned off immediately and cleaned up in time.