Experimental Accident & Treatment Method Part3
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Toxic Accident

Poisonous accidents occur mostly in laboratories with chemicals and highly toxic substances and in laboratories with toxic emissions.


1. Bring food into the toxic laboratory, causing ingestion.

2. The equipment and facilities are aging, there are faults or defects, causing leakage of toxic substances or toxic gases.

3. Improper operation or illegal operation, resulting in the loss of toxic substances, causing poisoning and pollution.

4. The waste water discharge pipeline is blocked or modified, causing the toxic waste water to flow out without treatment.

5. Toxic substances in toxic reagents cause poisoning through inhalation of the respiratory tract, skin infiltration, and ingestion.


1. When handling irritating, toxic chemicals, it must be done in a fume hood. After the fume hood is opened, do not put your head into the cabinet and keep the laboratory well ventilated.

2. Avoid direct contact with chemicals by hand during the experiment, especially for direct contact with drugs. Organic matter on the skin should be washed away immediately with plenty of water and soap. Do not use organic solvents, as this will increase the rate at which chemicals penetrate the skin.

3. Organic matter splashed on the table or the ground should be cleaned up in time. If the mercury thermometer is accidentally damaged, the mercury that has fallen on the ground should be collected as much as possible, and the place where the sediment is covered with sulfur powder.

4. The highly toxic substances used in the experiment should be kept by the professional, and sent to the user in moderation and the remaining amount should be recovered in time. The utensils containing the toxic substances should be labeled and marked, and cleaned after use. The operating tables and sinks that are often tested for toxic substances should be labeled and marked. The toxic residues after the experiment must be disposed of in accordance with the laboratory regulations.

5. In the operation of toxic substances, if you feel sore throat, discoloration of the lips, stomach cramps or nausea and vomiting, palpitations and dizziness, it may be caused by poisoning. It should be taken to the hospital immediately for treatment without delay.