Emergency Treatment Of Pressure Steam Sterilizer Failure
- Jul 25, 2018 -

1. When the instrument is abnormally alarmed, first check the pressure gauge indication. If the maximum pressure is exceeded and the safety valve does not jump, immediately turn off the power and rotate the exhaust valve to the maximum.

2. Observe the working condition of the water level indicator. If there is water shortage, cut off the power supply and deflate until the pressure gauge indicates “0”, then open the upper cover, add water until the “high water level” indicator lights up and then turn on the power.

3. If the pressure gauge indicates normal, the working status of the interlock indicator and the pressure indicator should be observed. If abnormality should be recorded, contact professional and technical personnel in time.

4. The temperature indication on the control panel is abnormal and the pressure gauge indicates normal. The exhaust valve knob should be adjusted to make it as consistent as possible.

5. If there is an alarm for unknown reasons, the power should be cut off immediately. When the pressure gauge indicates “0”, open the upper cover to take out the sterilized items and contact the professional technicians for maintenance.