Incubator Series-Electrothermal Constant Temperature Incubator
- Apr 03, 2018 -

Electrothermal Constant Temperature Incubator is used in culturing, breeding and fermenting in the laboratories of in industrial mining enterprises, medicine and health, biochemical and agricultural science research units etc.


1. The case adopts high quality cold-rolled steel plate and the electrostatic spraying treatment on the surface.

2. The working room adopts imported high quality stainless steel or cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet and through corrosion resistant treatment.

3. Double-layer tempering glass observation window in the middle of the door is easy for observing the change of culture articles directly.

4. The pull internal shelf could regulate the height freely and make full use of space of working room.

5. Silicon rubber magnetic sealing slice with good sealing performance and easy open and close.

6. Electric control: the use of advanced non-contact circuits, with no noise, high reliability characteristics. Microcomputer intelligent temperature control instrument, a temperature control accuracy, stability, good performance, limit alarm, automatic power off time advantages. 

There are four models of electric constant temperature incubator DH-360, DH-420, DH-500, DH-600, the minimum size is 54L, the maximum is 252L, can meet your different needs. If you are interested in this product, then contact us through the website.

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