Drying Oven Series-Electric Blast Drying Box
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Electric blast drying box is an improved drying oven, which applies to labs of industrial enterprise, scientific research institution and health and medicine unit for drying, baking, heating and other experimental use.


1.High-quality cold rolling steel electrostatic spraying exterior.

2.Stainless steel or cold rolling steel inner chamber treated by anti-corrosion technology; foursquare semicircle transition, convenient to clean; space between shelves in adjustable.

3.Optional pointer meter or intelligent temperature controller; intelligent controller with PID program, dual digital display, light-touching operational key, and with function of timing and over-temperature protection.

4.Door with wide double-layer tempered glass observation window, adjustable air-tight buckle loch, and silicon rubber seal, which provide good seal ability and efficiently prevent heat loss.

Electric blast drying box is also available in several models, with a minimum volume of 30L and a maximum volume of 625L. Some basic parameters are the same between different models, but there are many different places. If you are interested in this product, contact us.