Water Bath Series-Digital Water Bath
- Apr 19, 2018 -

It has advanced internal recycle/external recycle pump system. The internal recycle could ensure the steady and constant temperature; the external recycle pump could draw the heated liquid from the bath and heat or draw it to the test vessel out of temperature chamber. It has desktop configuration and small volume. 


1.LED double windows have digital readout for temperature measurements and temperature setting value. The digital resolution ratio is 0.01℃ or 0.1℃. The touch control panel is easy to operate. 

2.It has deviation correction function for measured value. The temperature precision could reach 0.01℃ or 0.1℃. 

3. It has over-temperature protection function and low level protection device. When the liquid level in the working tank declined caused by liquid medium evaporated or the external recycle pipeline aging and broken or other reasons. The low level protection device could cut off the electric heating system automatically and give the sound alarm at the same time for ensuring the safety of instrument and sample. 

Digital water bath wrote out the main five models SC-5A, SC-15, SC-25, SC-15A and SC-25A on the website. The official website has their basic parameters. However, there are many other models of this series, because of the large number of models, they are not displayed on the website. If you are interested in this series of products, you can contact us through the official website.