Constant Temperature Control Of A Drying Box
- Jan 28, 2018 -

Whether it is the constant temperature drying box or the table car constant temperature dry box box are the important operating products of some production industries. The table car constant temperature drying box is the equipment that uses the electric heat wire to heat the body to dry the object. Many types, but basically similar, generally by the box, electric heating system and automatic temperature control system, and other components, the use and attention to the following:

1. constant temperature drying box should be placed in the dry and ground level of the drying box.

2. installation of the power switch, the power supply wire and grounding enough.

3. when the preparation is ready, it can be tried and checked.

4. when drying, the test should not be too dense. And the heat dissipation plate is strictly prohibited!

5. the constant temperature drying box with the electric contact mercury thermometer temperature controller's trolley oven should connect the two wires of the electrical contact thermometer to the two terminals of the box top.

6. insert an ordinary mercury thermometer into the exhaust valve to open the hole of the exhaust valve.

7. adjust the electric contact mercury thermometer to the required temperature to fasten the screw on the steel cap to achieve the purpose of constant temperature.  However, it is necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the iron to the scale.