Clean Bench Series On Sale
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Recently, we received orders for clean bench from customers in Germany, Mexico, Peru and other countries.Clean Bench is widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical, laboratory and other fields and provides a sterilized, dustless, clean environment of the local clean bench.

The Clean Bench is divided into vertical air flow and horizontal air flow.Vertical air flow type offer SW-CJ-1D/SW-CJ-1S/SW-CJ-2D/SW-CJ-2S for optional.It has LCD touch screen, easy to operate and intuitive.The working table is made of high quality stainless steel.Open and close with the motor open.With bluetooth software for remote control. Adopt adjustable air flow fan system to ensure that the wind speed of the workspace is always in an ideal state and many other advantages.

In addition, our new clean bench bottom bracket has a detachable function, saving customers transportation costs.

If you are interested in our products,for more product information please refer to our website or contact us.Welcome overseas customers negotiate and purchase!