Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer Are Popular In Spain
- Jul 03, 2018 -

This week, Lab Magnetic Stirrer became a hot word in the field of Spain experimental instruments. We also received emails from some Spain customers and patiently responded to customer questions. The customer mainly consulted our company's Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer. Here I briefly introduce the advantages of this product.

Ceramic Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate suitable for modern petroleum, chemical industry, medical and health, environmental protection, biochemistry, experimental analysis, education and scientific research and other fields. It is a liquid heating and stirring equipment.The design is novel and beautiful, the operation is simple and the effect is good.With stepless speed regulation, the liquid solution can be precisely and stably stirred in a wide speed range, which is especially suitable for experiments with small volume samples.

We have electric temperature control type and microcomputer intelligent temperature control type for optional.

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