Incubator Series-Biochemical Incubator
- Apr 04, 2018 -

This biochemical incubator can be widely used in the lab of the science research such as environmental protection sanitation epidemic prevention, farming and pasturage, drug inspection, aquatic product, the lab of the junior college academy and production department. It is the specialized constant temperature equipment for water analyzing, BOD assay the bacteria, mildew, the culturing and storage of the microbial, vegetable planting and breeding experiment .


1. It is the double screen and high luminance charactron display, the display data is exactly and direct-viewing, and the performance is superiority.

2. The number of the shelves and the height between the shelves can be set according to the customer’s demands.

3. Independent ultra-high temperature protection equipment and working state hint make the user more safety and reliable.

4. Use of environmentally friendly cfr-free refrigeration cooling airflow.

It has a full eight models, a large range of timing, small temperature fluctuations, a minimum volume of 80L, a maximum of 1000L, enough to meet your needs. If you are interested in this product, you can contact us for more related questions.