Drying Oven Series-Benchtop Oven
- Apr 25, 2018 -

This benchtop oven uses high temperature to dry heat, it also can make micro-organisms oxidation, protein denaturation to kill residual micro-organisms in a certain period.


1.The case is made of high quality cold-rolled plate and the electrostatic spraying on the surface. It has new appearance. It is durable.

2.The working room adopts high quality stainless steel plate or cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet with the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistant and no dark smoke.

3.It has reasonable forced ventilation and circulation or natural convection structure. The internal of working room has uniform temperature.

Benchtop oven is also available in several models, with a minimum volume of 30L and a maximum volume of 625L. Some basic parameters are the same between different models, but there are many different places. If you are interested in this product, contact us.