Autoclave Sterilizer Series Promotion - Mar. 2018 - Hot Sale Month
- Mar 14, 2018 -


Autoclave sterilizer is suitable for health care, food, biology for sterilization. At present, there are three kinds of products on the website. They each have their own merits, and other products will be on the shelves.

A brief introduction to the three products already available on the website.

The first is electric pressure sterilizer. It mainly has pressure automatic discharge in 0.145-0.165Mpa. The dual scale numerical pressure gauge shows the temperature and pressure, which can control the sterilization time and temperature, and the LCD screen shows the working status and other characteristics.

The second is electric sterilizer. Its characteristic is full stainless steel material, durable, electric heating and combustion heating dual-use, pressure and temperature in the pressure gauge at the same time the display clearly, according to the relief valve to control the pressure and temperature, safe and reliable, the exhaust valve in the barrel drain the cooling and condensation, inflatable silicon rubber seal, the sealing effect is good, long service life, etc.

The third is pressure steam sterilizer. It operates easy, security and reliable, has electric heating, computer control auto recycle sterilization and so on.